Rocky Mountain Hi!

Just a quick pop-in to the mile-high city, three days in the Rockies then back to Vin Scully Bobblehead Night. Let’s make Vin proud while we’re up there, right? He’s staying another year, and he’s all excited about the new team. Everyone is. Even T.J. Simers has softened up. We have a dream lineup now, but that won’t mean much if our pitching doesn’t live up to its own potential. Sure, Kershaw’s great, and Billingsley had found the missing piece before his elbow kicked him in the ass again. But Blanton? I don’t know about him. Four starts and four dismal losses. Belisario doesn’t seem to care whether he strikes out the side or gives up four home runs. He’s getting paid either way. And don’t get me started on Brandon League. That’s just sad. Sure, it’s nice to have the fearsome foursome of Kemp, Ramirez, Gonzalez and Ethier, but if you ain’t got pitching, you ain’t got nothin’.

Dodgers @ Rockies, Aug. 27-29, 2012

Pulverize Mole Hills!

(Dodgers @ Rockies, Aug. 27-29, 2012)

Pulverize mole hills!
Dogs want some blue Denver dreams
Keep ’em in quarry

No reset button in life.

(Image: Luis Cruz, third baseman)

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