Cubs Get Their Ass Kicked!


LA wins pennant!
Doggers slam the chumps to shame!
Cubs get their ass kicked!

Los Angeles Dodgers win National League Championship, Oct. 19, 2017


Gotta Club the Cubs!

IMG_9847We’ve got fresh Blue arms!
Break out shock & awe lumber!
Gotta club the Cubs!

National League Championship Series, Oct. 14-22, 2017
Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Goin’ Down in Flames?


Goin’ down in flames?
Dogger dawgs jerk fans around!
Bullpen takes a dump!

Giants @ Dodgers, Sept. 23-25, 2017

Note: I got my dark days, when dem bums leave me sobbin’ in my beer. I done dis paintin’ whilst watchin’ Bye Bye Baez throw another one away.