2013 Paintings

Click here to see the paintings in situ (in Seemayer’s front yard in Echo Park).

1. 'New Azul'

2. Last Time

3. Umps Give the Warning

4. We Talk Some Blue Basura

5. Clayton in Brooklyn

6. Game Time in D.C.

7. Cosinar Up Toronto

8. Rompe Mr. Red's Legs

9. Ataca the Yanks

10. Hash Tag Cubbies Cursed

11. Let's Play Our Cards Right

12. Blue Dawgs

13. Pop Mr. Met's Cabeza!

14. Phanatics Phall Phast

15. It's a Blue Blood Bath

16. The Chicago Schlubs

17. Quebramos Las Rocas Hoy!

18. Cincinnati Wrecked?

19. Pelamos Las Vivoras

20. Manna From Havana!

21. Nuestro Equipo

22. Tire de las Túnicas Marrones

23. Somos Dueños de la Piscina!

24. Ha Sido Una Tremenda Jornada

25. We Brandish Our Torches!

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