Ataca the Yanks

“Ataca the Yanks”

(Yankees @ Dodgers, July 30-31, 2013)

Ataca the Yanks.
Whack those Big Apple dandys.
(Guys like me shoved out.)

(Image: Yasiel Puig watches the ball go deep.)


Rompe Mr. Red’s Legs

“Rompe Mr. Red’s Legs”

(Reds @ Dodgers, July 25-28, 2013)

Rompe Mr. Red’s legs!
Bust one into the Gapper.
(Look at all the changes.)

(Image: Dodger batter goes topsy-turvy.)

Game Time in D.C.

‘Game Time in D.C.’

(Dodgers @ Nationals, July 19-21, 2013)

Game time in D.C.
Lucha the Nats.
Rise up, Blue!
(I’ll hide among the swells.)

(Image: A Dodger infielder waits for a pop fly.)