It Isn’t Over ’til It’s Over

I know a sweep by the Giants at home was a bad turn of events for the Blue Crew, but you never know what the next few weeks will hold. We could zoom ahead and the SF team could falter. It could happen! But if Blanton stays in the rotation and Kemp keeps hitting only air, it’s going to be difficult to make it into the post season, no matter what the dreaded Bay Area brawlers do. Plus now we have the D’backs nipping at our heels. It’s hard out here for a Dodgers fan.

Marlins @ Dodgers, Aug. 24-26, 2012

String Up the Guppies!

(Marlins @ Dodgers, Aug. 24-26, 2012)

String up the guppies!
The Marlins stink up Ravine!
Let’s grill up Ozzie

You’d better laugh now and cry later.

(Image: Hanley Ramirez, short stop)

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