Miami Vendetta

Hanley’s got an ax to grind, let’s hope he grinds it good! The 6-4 win over the Rockies showed how the Dodgers should be playing all the time (except for the bases-loaded/no-out debacle that yielded only one run … on a walk). At this writing, San Fran is just one game above us. This 10-game road trip feels especially important. We’ve got all the pieces in their proper order. There are no more excuses for not winning every series.

Dodgers @ Marlins, Aug. 10-12, 2012

Handy Hanley’s Hot

(Dodgers @ Marlins, Aug. 10-12, 2012)

Handy Hanley’s hot
He’s out to exact revenge
How you like me now?

We’re all in the ground to stay?

(Image: Ted Lilly, starting pitcher)

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