Shiver Their Timbers!

The Pirates are a winning team for the first time in decades! Aaarrrrggghhh! Now our Doggers have to change all that. The little showdown in South Beach worked out all right. Every time Ozzie challenged or dissed Hanley, the loudmouthed manager got spanked for it. Nice to see. The bats came alive, the pitching most of the time was right on target. Could you believe the two-hitter from Chris Capuano? But still we trail those dastards of the north by one game. The chemistry was clicking in Miami. Let’s hope it can reduce Steel City to a pile of rubble … metaphorically, of course.

Dodgers @ Pirates, Aug. 13-16, 2012

Rip Their Eye Patch Off!

(Dodgers @ Pirates, Aug. 13-16, 2012)

Rip their eye patch off!
Hang those Blackbeard imposters
Chop ’em up for chum!

So start laughing with the fools!

(Image: Adam Kennedy, utility infielder)

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