Welcome to the Roller Coaster!

We sweep, we get swept, we sweep again! A Dodger fan could develop bipolar disorder! The lineup Don Mattingly presented against the Cubs this past weekend was impressive, and, unlike so many other combinations he has tried because of injury this year, it felt solid and reliable. We now have the Flyin’ Hawaiian, Mark “The Man” Ellis, Matt KeMVP, Andre the Giant, Hanleywood, “Crazy Eyes” Loney, Luis “Cruz Control” and “All that Jazz” Ellis. Now that Kershaw and Billingsley seem to have found their sea legs, and we added Blanton to the rotation, maybe the roller coaster will stay on the upswing for a little while and we can gain some ground on the Jints!

Rockies @ Dodgers, Aug. 6-8, 2012

Wham! Bam! ‘You see me?’

(Rockies @ Dodgers, Aug. 6-8, 2012)

Wham! Bam! “You see me?”
Our big bad bats be blazin’!
“I see you,” sez Blue!

And wise men say, it doesn’t matter now.

(Image: Josh Lindblom, former relief pitcher)

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