We gotta watch out for the slither. While the Doggers do-si-do over the division lead with the Giants, those blasted Arizona vipers are sneaking up behind us both. That sweep was painful β€” and I mean physically, literally, psychically excruciating. Let’s try to revive our mojo with a visit from the pathetic Cubs. We got Hanley and the Flyin’ Hawaiian, we got Matt and Andre, we got K-K-K-Kershaw. We should be on a roll, but it seems like every step forward leads to a giant step back. Put the damn engine in Drive and let’s roll!

Cubs @ Dodgers, Aug. 3-5, 2012

Cubbies Come Clawing

(Cubs @ Dodgers, Aug. 3-5, 2012)

Cubbies come clawing
No ursus horribilis?
Shake ’em off like fleas!

The bones of fools & wise men.

(Image: Jerry Hairston Jr., utility man)

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