Echoes of the Past

I remember this one time, the Dodgers got off to a great start, but then they stumbled a little. Then in July, management rescued a cur named Ramirez. He had been disliked by his former teammates and labeled a troublemaker. But his abundant personality and dynamic hitting lit a fuse that energized the clubhouse and detonated a drive straight to the playoffs. Could history be repeating itself? Hanleywood opens tonight after a boffo preview in San Fran. David not only slew Goliath, he swept up, with a 10th-inning two-run homer from the Dodgers’ newest slugger followed by consecutive shutouts (not done since the teams moved West). After Kershaw threw a complete game Sunday, he summed up the team’s attitude: “We understand this is our year.” It sure feels like it right now.

Diamondbacks @ Dodgers, July 30-Aug. 1, 2012

Last Dogger Icon

(Diamondbacks @ Dodgers, July 30-Aug. 1, 2012)

Last Dogger icon
Wrestles with Mr. Baseball
File down their red fangs

This earth that holds the bones.

(Image: Tony Gwynn Jr., outfielder)

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