Off to a Great Start

Yeah, yeah, there will be those that say the Dodgers are only beating less-than-stellar teams, and that’s why they are the best in baseball, 9-1, to start the season. All I know is THEY ARE THE BEST IN BASEBALL, 9-1. Nothing else matters. And Matt Kemp (or KEMVP as new T-shirts are proclaiming) is unbelievable! He leads the majors in like six categories, including batting average (.487), home runs (6) and RBIs (16). Are you kidding me? Those numbers are sick! Player of the Week both the first weeks!

It’s a good time to be a Dodgers fan, even if McCrook still has his sticky little fingers on the crust of the pie.

April 13-15, 2012

Captain Kemp Clobbers

(Padres @ Dodgers, April 13-15, 2012)

Captain Kemp clobbers
He’s our blue home run machine
Matt’s worth the long green

“Baseball is drama with an endless run and an ever-changing cast.”
— Joe Garagiola, Baseball Is a Funny Game

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