Mo’ Betta Blues

A walk-off 12th-inning two-run homer by All Star Matt Kemp was a nice way to finish the first home stand of the second half, especially after such a dismal run of bad luck (and bad baseball). I’m hoping it signals a shift in momentum to bring win after win after win. It was fun to see Matt gallop to the plate and get mobbed by elated teammates. A welcome moment of bliss. It looks doubtful we’ll have any significant trade-deadline improvements this year, so the boys have to look to themselves to get better, be a team and focus on the finish line.

(Dodgers @ Mets, July 20-22)

L.A.’s Blue Seasons

(Dodgers @ Mets, July 20-22, 2012)

L.A.’s blue seasons
Fire, flood, riot & quake
Mets get Best Coast shake!

And with that bursting comes the light.

(Image: “Psycho” Steve Lyons, Dodger broadcaster)

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