Last Stop Before the Break

So, the boys are heading to Arizona after having recaptured the division lead. The All-Star Game is Tuesday, and our injury-plagued team can sure use the break. Ethier joins the way-too-long DL, and now Gordon thumbs a ride to Disabledville! The good news, however, is Mark Ellis is up and running, and Matt Kemp will rejoin the team after he takes a bow in Kansas City (and maybe wins the Home Run Derby).

Dodgers @ Diamondbacks, July 5-8)

A Pint of Blue Sweat

(Dodgers @ Diamondbacks, July 5-8, 2012)

A pint of blue sweat
Will save gallons of blue blood!
Vanquish the vipers!

Delights that seduce and lull the mind.

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